Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mini Art Journal ~ Suzi Blu

Back in August, I browsed on Grace Wong's blog, , I fell in love with her recent project – A mini Art Journal. In particular, I love the girl on the cover. 

After some research, I found the girl was designed by a well-known designer, SUZI BLU, and I immediately ordered 2 clear stamps from a UK online store and got them shipped to my colleague in the London office and then on my hands last month.

However I’ve not made anything with those stamps yet but have been waiting for the class conducted by Grace Wong, at HK Memory Chest and finally it happened on this Tuesday 25th Sept – Part I.

(Photo Courtesy by HK Memory Chest)

Nearly all faces of the classmates are familiar, there are all of our design.  

(Photo Courtesy by HK Memory Chest)

I was surprised to see that there were lots of techniques involved for making this little art journal. Now I know why Grace decided to split the class into part I (covers) & II (inner pages).

(Photo Courtesy by HK Memory Chest.Thanks for taking this photo.)
I learned a lot from that and especially I love learning about how to dye paper, and colour the doll with Tim Holtz distress Ink markers! Yeah!!

I love this soooooo much and I look forward to the 2nd part of the class!


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Handmade Recipe books for 2 Super Moms

There are two super moms in my office Little C9 Fi Fi MamaCafe Christina,who are both very talented in cooking and bakery.
Both of their bakes are pretty and yummy and I'm really lucky always for having the priority to taste their new innovation including, tarts, cupcakes, mooncakes, bread, macarons. As a token of thanks, I decided to make them a RECIPE BOOK / COOKBOOK.

Actually, I've simply turned over a notebook into RECIPE BOOK / COOKBOOK by adding some decorations.

Hand-stamped with PENNYBLACK's Baking Mimi stamp

My handmade, hand-cut paper apron

I've added their names on the aprons as well as the book. The printed masking tape was made by a small electronic masking tape printer that I bought from Tokyo earlier this year... which is a very amazing product!

Making these are really not difficult at all, but I'm quite sure that it should be useful for them to save their recipe in the book for future easy reference.

I hope you two will love them.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Handmade album for Wong's Family, from Wong's Family

Back to 10 years ago, I joined the Choir of the Catholic Cathedral in Hong Kong, I met the Wong's family, their members include Catherine, Jimmy, and their two daughters.

The Wong's family is definitely a great model, the parents are gently, loves and care their children; the children loves and care their parents and behave in a perfect manner.

Particularly, their little girl, Adaline, who is a very confident and independent girl, even when she was just 3 years old when I met her. I love her so much since then and have invited her to be my flower girl on our big day. Few years ago, I was delighted to be invited to be her godmother.

My elder daughter Anson was born in 2008 and I let her baptised when she was 5 months old, on Christmas day.

Without any serious thought I invited Catherine to be Anson's godmother, as I am sure that she is the ideal person to give spiritual and religious supports to my kids, not only we live very close to each other. She has also become Hannah's godmother since she was baptised 3 months ago.

Wong's family has been given us lots of supports and helps throughout the years, I just got no idea how to give my thanks in a proper way.

Until recently I have addicted to Scrapbooking and I've decided to make an album, adding many pictures of us, send that as a gift to our dearest godmother, Catherine, and her lovely family.

All made with love, I hope they love it too. May God bless this lovely family forever and ever!