Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Love my School Life ~ October Contest

This month I've been extremely busy. Not only busy at work, but also on many different projects, e.g. wedding card, wedding gift, farewell album and cards, etc. However I don't want to lose the momentum to participate in the October sketch contest organised by My Creative Sketches and here is my last-minute entry!

October's Kim Keane

This is my 4th LO for MCK monthly contest and I simply enjoy the participation and learning from other participants.... of course, for a chance to win or being featured!

I've been thinking of doing a "School" related layout for Anson. Anson loves everything at her school and she enjoys her school life so far. She has been expecting to return to school after the 2-month Summer vacation since 1st July. Finally she was back to school on 1st September.... Wow! Look at her face and you can see her dream did come true : )

Seeing the October sketch contest, I've decided to do. However I've been struggling how to get relevant materials.

Thanks Pinterest for letting me have the opportunity to download some school-related printables. I printed them by a laser printer and the quality is superb! 

I simply cut them and punched them in scallops.

At the same time, when I shopped at HK Memory Chest in Hong Kong last week, I saw there were good source of "back-to-school" related papers and adhesive; I bought a set of embellishments, which I can use them on this layout! 
*Product used ~ Little Yellow Bicycle Back to school Collection!

There is an envelopes, inserted with 5 cards where you can write something on. I've done an interview with Anson and she told me the top 5 "likes" at School. I wrote them down for her and I wish she will be amazed by what she said when she grows up.

As for the background, I used light molding paste plus an "alphabet" stencils to add a bit of texture.


I love this layout overall and surely it is a great memory how Anson is enjoying her school life.

Thanks very much.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wedding card for a good friend of us

We are invited to participate in the wedding mass and banquet of our friend, Vicky & Kelvin.

We knew Kelvin 10 years ago since I joined the church choir in 2002 and he was the conductor. In our wedding in 2005, Kelvin was one of the groomsmen and the MC of our banquet.

Though we haven’t met each other for 1-2 years, once we heard Kelvin is getting married, we immediately promised that we would attend his wedding.

For Chinese weddings, we usually give the couple some money in the red pocket as a wedding present. Nowadays people also use some nicely printed envelopes instead of the traditional one.

For me, I designed and handmade a wedding card and did some decoration on a pink envelope, together with a small red pocket containing cash!

This is my first trial for making a decent wedding card – Thanks for the inspiration from PaperArt, a craft materials store in Hong Kong. I stamped an image of a fashionable couple, with the man in suit and lady holding a bouquet, on a piece of watercolour paper;

Then I hand-cut a wedding gown with a piece of embossed, pearl paper, which I bought from Taipei earlier this year. Then I stick the gown on the stamped lady, so it looks like she is in a wedding gown…. It looks perfect!

Instead of just sticking the image onto a card, I die-cut it by Spellbinder's oval floral die; added the same oval floral frame on top. 

I added another layer of bouquet and some glitters gel to the bouquet so it became a pop-up and looked real.

At the end I was struggling on what greeting message I should write, I tried to handwrite with a marker on a piece of scrap paper but I didn’t really like. I suddenly recall that I have a set of stamps from "Word Play"@Stampin up and there is one said “Happy I DO day” which is perfect for a wedding card.

I punched 2 of the corners diagonally and stuck to the card … Finally I added 2 little embossed hearts cut by the fashionable hearts Exbossit dies from Stampin up.

Wow, I think it’s gorgeous! I’m very happy with this little workout. Thanks a lot!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Origami Dress Birthday Card

My daughter Anson’s classmates, Cass, was holding a join birthday party with her little sister, Kate. We were invited to participate.

Therefore I made 2 birthday cards by myself, again! I want them to be in different looks but in the same theme, which has taken me some times to think and think.

I remember I watched an tutorial video on Youtube before about origami dress, the steps are not too difficult, so I add the dress as an element to the cards.

I got a stack of origami paper from a Japanese brand local store – Jusco HK$12 shop, which is equivalent to about US$1.3.

The pink origami dress is for the elder sister – Cass

The yellow one is for the little sister - Kate

Not long ago I bought a stamp set (from Unity Stamp), which the image is also dresses. I found it match with my cards perfectly so I’ve decorated the envelopes too.

Are they lovely?

Happy birthday, Cass & Kate!